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  • No Berkshire stock options have ever been granted to Mr. Buffett or any of the Berkshire managers.
  • Warren Buffett receives the lowest salary ($100,000) of all the S&P 500 company CEOs.
  • All the Buffett CEOs have salaries greater than their boss.
  • No meetings or budgets are scheduled or required.
  • Each manager is expected to continue to manage their business just as if they had always managed it. Only need to check with Warren for major capital expenditures and submit a monthly balance and income statement.
  • Even though Berkshire's NetJets manages over 500 corporate jets and is considered to be the 6th largest airline, Berkshire does not own a corporate jet and does not provide one for its managers or its board of directors. Many managers and most board members own and pay for their own NetJets share.
  • Warren Buffett personally pays for his and his family's use of a NetJet share.
  • Berkshire has more CEOs than any other enterprise and has never lost an acting  CEO to a competing business.
  • The average Buffett CEO is worth $100 million, is encouraged and often chooses to work past the traditional retirement age of 65. There is no mandated or scheduled retirement at Berkshire family of companies. Mrs. B set the new retirement age of 103.
  • The average CEO of a publicly traded company has 6 years on the job experience compared to the average Berkshire CEO has a tenure of 23 years and counting.
  • Berkshire is the largest employer in the state of Georgia, even larger than its most famous resident, Cola-Cola.
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