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Articles by Robert P. Miles

Trends Magazine

Lessons from the Oracle

by Robert P. Miles

Trends Magazine (Australia), April 2014
After following billinaire Warren Buffett for 15 years, US author and speaker Robert Miles reveals the indelible lessons he has learnned..
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Omaha Reader: The Feminist Capitalist 8 Strategies on Women from Warren Buffett

by Robert P. Miles

Omaha Reader, May 1, 2013
Looking out at the faces of people waiting to hear me discuss Warren Buffett’s investment strategies recently, I asked myself the same, but always unanswered question the world’s greatest investor would himself ask: Where were the women?
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AdvantEdge Magazine

WARREN BUFFETT'S WALLET: 10 Investment Lessons

Written by Robert P. Miles

AdvantEdge Magazine Nov/Dec 2004 Issue Vol. 1, No. 6

Warren Buffett's 24-year-old wallet was recently purchased for $210,000 at a charity auction because it included a stock tip. But before Buffett sent his wallet to the winning bidder, he removed a significant and personal item that reveals 10 secrets to his extraordinary wealth-building success. this article! (PDF)

Couture International Jeweler

BUFFETT GEMS: The Jewels in Berkshire Hathaway's Crown

by Robert P. Miles

Europa Star / Couture International Jeweler Magazine Oct/Nov 2002 Issue

Includes photos and quotes from Warren Buffett, Borsheim's CEO Susan Jacques, Helzberg Diamond CEO Jeff Comment, and Ben Bridge CEO Ed Bridge. this article! (PDF)

Flying Magazine

BUFFETT AIR: The Sage of Omaha's Flight Service Companies Are Looking Good

by Robert P. Miles

Flying Magazine May 2002 Issue
Summarizes impact of terrorist attacks on FlightSafety and NetJets. Includes photos of NetJet's Boeing Business Jet and Warren Buffett. this article!(PDF)

Chief Executive

The Warren Buffett School

by Russ Banham

Chief Executive Magazine December 2002, Vol. 184

Includes photos and quotes from Borsheim's CEO Susan Jacques, Helzberg Diamond CEO Jeff Comment, R.C. Willey Home Furnishings CEO Scott Hymas, Star Furniture CEO Melvyn Wolff, Acme Brick CEO Harrold Melton, and Jordan's Furniture CEO Eliot Tatelman. this article!(PDF)

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