• Enjoy the wit and humor of a popular international keynote speaker
  • Hear what Warren Buffett can´t say
  • Benefit from decade long research and behind-the-scenes access to Berkshire Hathaway´s CEO and managers
  • Understand how to put it all together to super-charge your organization
  • Your best alternative to Warren Buffett himself
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  • Invited by Warren Buffett.
    He’s one of the few who've been given access to Warren’s office and to private lunches with Berkshire Hathaway’s Chairman.

  • Recommendation from Warren. The Warren Buffett CEO by Robert Miles is the only Buffett-related book noted in the famous annual letters to shareholders (2001).
  • Independence and objectivity from Berkshire Hathaway. A long-term shareholder, but not compensated by the company, Robert highlights strengths and challenges of Buffett’s management and investment style.
  • Extensive, decade-long research and expert observations. He’s researched, lectured, and provided expert commentary on national and international television about Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway in the news.
  • Experienced and popular multi-media international presenter. Using slides, stories and audience interaction along with a great sense of humor that translates well into any culture, Robert Miles engages, informs, and entertains.
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Warren Buffett’s Book Recommendations: In 2001 Letter to Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders, Warren Buffett suggested reading “The Warren Buffett CEO” by Robert P. Miles to learn about many Berkshire operating managers. **

"Everyone knows Warren is the greatest investor of our time...[Robert Miles] for the first time captures his genius as a manager"
— Jack Welch, former CEO, GE

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The Secret Billionaires Club..." and more!

Value Investor Conference
Robert P. Miles,
Value Investor Conference Organizer
Robert Miles Value Investor  Summit
Summit Series - Omaha Organizer
Berkshire System Summit
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Omaha CEO Dinner
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Testimonials for Robert P. Miles Keynotes, Interviews and Speeches

"Your presentation was incredible—a great combination of information and humor—and I truly feel as if I have a better understanding of who Warren Buffett is as a person, a businessman, a scientist, a genius, and a humanitarian. After hearing how all those personality traits encouraged the growth of such a successful person, I’ve begun reevaluating everything I’m doing to promote my own success."

"Doubled our usual attendance and sold out our meeting."

"Dynamic, proven, well researched and prepared."

"Educational, informative keynote - delivered in an engaging and entertaining multi-media presentation style."

"Made our organization and me look good as a sponsor
and as an event planner."

Robert Miles presenting at the 2012 Value Investor Conference at the University of Nebraska College of Business.

"Excellent communicator taking very complicated ideas and making them easily understood with a touch of humor."

"A True expert and distinguished authority during audience questions."

"Program was exceptional. Kept our audience on the edge of their seats. Our most in-demand speaker that we invite back every year."

"Robert Miles’ presentation far exceeded our expectations and captivated our audience." 

"The perfect blend of professionalism and expertise, combined with a unique style of wit and humor. Together they provide a dynamic presentation that's delivered in a style anyone can understand."

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Watch or listen to the latest Interviews with Robert Miles

What: How to Become a Value Investor Like Warren Buffett

Where: Indonesia Stock Exchange (Jakarta) Capital Market Seminar

When: Saturday, 12 August, 2017 10 am - Noon

Robert Miles speaking at the Indonesian Stock Exchange
To read more about this presentation, click here.

Robert P Miles Tribute Concert Carnegie Hall

Robert Miles presenting at the Carnegie Hall Tribute Concert for Help Me See (helpmesee.org) Feb. 13, 2017. The late Al Ueltschi was the founder of Help Me See (watch Robert Miles interview with Al Ueltschi) For additional photos and Tribute Introduction transcript, click here.

CNBC Interview
BIZ NEWS.com - South Africa - Radio Interview 3/10/16

MoneyWeb Interview Series with Robert P. Miles

Moneyweb InterviewPart 1
Moneyweb Interview Part 2
Moneyweb Interview Part 3
Moneyweb Interview Part 4
Robert P. Miles University Presentations

Genius of Warren Buffet Course
Genius of Warren Buffett
"Weekend Investment:  Lifelong Returns"

In the Fall of 2011, the University of Nebraska-Omaha, College of Business, offered the first "Genius of Warren Buffett"  course taught by Robert Miles in their graduate executive MBA program.  The course is based on Robert Miles’ worldwide lectures and scholarly research entitled, "The Genius of Warren Buffett: The Science of Investing and the Art of Managing". 

Now in its sixth year, this course continues to be a popular choice for MBA candidates, EMBAs and Life-long Learners.  Hands-on business models, relevant guest speakers, and a condensed semester time-frame, make this course an accessible, powerful learning experience for business-oriented learners from around the world. 

  • Convenient course options for Spring and Fall
  • Notable, Expert Guest Speakers
  • Up-to-date Information
  • Hands-on Business Valuation Models
  • Executive MBA Course
  • Lifelong Learners from across the USA and the world
  • Enrollment at UNO is not required

Now Registering for Fall 2019-
*Limited Time - Save $2,400.  Register for $1,595. by 9/310/19

Fall 2019
When: Oct. 3,4, 5, 2019 (One Weekend - 18 hours)
Where: University of Nebraska at Omaha, College of Busineness Administration

    Included in your Registration:
  • Genius of Warren Buffett Course F19 - 18 hours
  • Catered meals listed below.

Standard Registration Fees = $3,995. *Limited Time -  Save $2,400. - Register  for $1,595. by 9/30/19.

Genius of Warren Buffett Registration

For More Information about UNO and Genius of Buffett, click here.

Warren Buffett UNO
Warren Buffett stopped by Mammel Hall auditorium on Thursday, May 2, 2013 to speak to UNO students during a live CNN broadcast. 
Genius of Warren Buffett Course Information Video
GOB Spring 2015 Course graduates with course instructor, Bob Miles, and guest speaker, Susie Buffett.
UNO MBA Fall 2011
Class of 2011 group photo with Warren Buffett

Robert P. Miles - Guest Lecturer

If you would like to have Robert Miles as a guest lecturer/special course instructor at your college or university, please click here.

Genius of Warren Buffett
In September of 2010, author Robert Miles offered his insights on The Genius of Warren Buffett to an overflow outdoor auditorium of over 200 students and faculty at the Royal Thimphu College in Bhutan.
Hong Kong Polytech
Robert Miles presenting to graduate students at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in September of 2009.
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**Buffett’s 2001 letter excerpt (pg 4): "On the positive side, we have as fine an array of operating managers as exists at any company. (You can read about many of them in a new book by Robert P. Miles: The Warren Buffett CEO.) In large part, moreover, they are running businesses with economic characteristics ranging from good to superb. The ability, energy and loyalty of these managers is simply extraordinary. We now have completed 37 Berkshire years without having a CEO of an operating business elect to leave us to work elsewhere."